Vegetable Storage Tips: Root Cellars

Root Cellar

Food safety guidelines in the U.S. tend to be very conservative. What I mean is that they’re designed to make sure there is the least possible chance of food illness, even if it means completely destroying the taste and nutrition of the food. That’s why most thanksgiving turkeys are dry. Same with pot roast … pork loin … lamb chops …

If you ask food scientists instead of policymakers, you’ll find out what it really takes to store and prepare food safely. Or, if you don’t want to spend several hours talking with someone who finds produce spoilage rates interesting … you could just check out the chart at the bottom of this page about root cellars.

I’d like to have that nice little root cellar up top. But I’d settle for this one.

Photo by Alan Gathman

Heck, I’d even go for this one, if I had the room.

Seen here, posted by mag

On my current budget, though, I’d probably be more in the market for this.

Photo by Colleen Taugher

Which would be okay, I guess. So long as I don’t get this.

[Cue Kristin telling me about the Pit of Despair.]