The Star Trek Kitchen Knife

I got a new toy

The fine folks at Lamson & Goodnow sent me a review sample of their walnut handle chef knife, but unfortunately I didn’t get it until late yesterday, after I had already made dinner. This matters because everything I show on this site was made for us to eat. I don’t make it just for the pictures.

Before I even get to practical issues, I absolutely love that this looks like something out of Star Trek.

If you’re not a nerd, you may not recognize that’s a Bat’leth Worf is holding. (I’d point out that I didn’t know the name until I looked it up, but I work with computers for a living, so I’m already hopeless.)

Maybe you can see better in this shot, how it’s just a big blade with finger holes cut into it so you can hold on:

Just like my new knife.

This weekend I plan to chop something … with honor.

By the way … some people take the Klingon thing so far over the top that they’ve gone down the other side and across the street. Like the Klingon Language Institute, where you can learn to speak Klingon. Or the people who offer online training videos for bat’leth fighting. But my favorite is the guy who robbed two convenience stores using a bat’leth. Seriously.