How To Make Egg Kisses

Candy doesn't need to be colorful to be good. It doesn't need to be shaped like bears, or bottle caps, or diamond rings. It just needs to be loaded with sugar, with no redeeming nutritional value. So these egg kisses must be just about the perfect candy. (This is another recipe from The Kappa Key To Cookery.) … [Read more...]

How To Make Salt Water Taffy

Let's get this out of the way: Don't try to make salt water taffy. It's very tedious. If you do it by hand your arms will be dead when you're done. Seriously, if you like salt water taffy go somewhere and buy it. If you want to see it made, take a tour. This was a total pain in the ... arms, actually. We won't be trying this again. But if you still want to -- and how could anyone resist after that buildup? -- or if you just want to point and laugh, here's how we did it. … [Read more...]