Slicing Your Own Roast Beef

I mentioned a couple of days ago that I like slicing my own roast beef rather than buying it the deli. Here’s part 2 of that roast.

This is the slicer I borrow from my father-in-law whenever I’ve got a hunk of meat to slice.

I worked in a restaurant in college that served a lot of sandwiches. Which means we had the big slicers you see in the deli. I miss my big slicer.

Before slicing beef, you need to trim off most of the fat. Otherwise it will get pulled into the blade instead of slicing cleanly.

This roast was a little too wide for the little slicer, so I cut it in half. The other problem with little slicers like this is that they pull the meat in unevenly. I ended up turning the beef over after every second slice to keep it even.

I had a little company once everyone heard what I was doing. Harpo was getting close until Ana came in on the stilts. (That’s him in the background.) He gets skittish around the stilts for some reason, I’m not quite sure why. Anyway, she couldn’t wait until I was done.

I’m glad I cut the beef in half, because this pile was more than enough for dinner. And as soon as you slice it, the beef starts drying out. It’s best to only slice as much as you’re going to need.

They were out of kaiser rolls, so we ended up with these instead. Close enough. A little home-made mayonnaise, some horseradish sauce, a bit of kosher salt and a slice of provolone. No, not swiss. I prefer provolone. You don’t like it, go make your own sandwich. (Sorry, I’ve had to defend that choice once or twice.)

And that’s it.

You know it’s good when you never even get a plate and just eat standing over the stove. What do you make that never makes it out of the kitchen?