More Remarkable Danish Recipes

I’m not sayin’ they’re good, necessarily … but they are remarkable.

More old-fashioned weirdness in our second installment of From Danish Kitchens.

Let’s start out with some soup.

How many ways can you say, “Soak some old bread and cook it”? Ooh, but you can do bread soup or beer soup. How nice.

Gee, if only you could do a soup with bread and beer …

Gee, isn’t that neat.

But wait. Does it matter what kind of beer I use?

I can see the conversation now. I go up to the 22-year-old cashier at the convenience store and ask whether Bud or Miller is more appropriate for making bread soup.

Now that we’ve finished with the soup course, let’s see what we’ve got in the way of meat … Hmm, head cheese, fish pudding with mushroom sauce (no kidding, I’ll show that one next time) … ah, how about this one. A tip for keeping leftover sausage.

That scan is pretty good, but just in case you can’t read it:

Add 1/2 cup vinegar and 1/4 cup salt to six cups broth. Pour over sausages, cover with melted lard and cool. Broth will jell and sausages will keep an indefinite length of time in a cool place.

That’s right, pour lard over sausage and leave it out indefinitely.

Hey, maybe this book ain’t so bad after all.