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How To Pit and Peel an Avocado


My whole life I didn’t think I liked guacamole. Then I tried some that was made from scratch and changed my mind. Now I probably make on average 2-4 avocados per week worth of guac.

When they’re ripe enough to make guacamole avocados are a little soft to the touch. To make sure they’re not too far gone, check the color under the stem.


Pop the stem off with your thumb. If it’s still green underneath, it’s good.


If it’s brown, it might still be good.


I wouldn’t buy one that already looked like this, but at home I’d open it up and check.

To remove the pit, cut all the way around and twist to separate the two halves. Chop into the pit with a sharp knife and twist it out.

To peel, you don’t actually peel the skin off like you do with citrus. Scoop the flesh out with a large spoon, as in the video below.

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