How to peel peaches

When my wife bought the Pampered Chef Mix ‘N’ Chop, I didn’t want to like it. It was an extra gadget that we didn’t need. Then I used it. Now it’s one of my favorite kitchen tools.

Just to keep things even, when we made peach cobbler my wife didn’t want to use the technique I’m about to show you for peeling the peaches. It was just as easy to do them by hand. Then she tried it.

Start by scoring the bottom of each peach with an “X”.


Place them in boiling water for about a minute. (Don’t be a hero and drop heavy fruit into boiling water. Use a slotted spoon or tongs and be careful.)


After a minute in the hot water, put them in cold water.


When they’re cool enough to handle, starting at the score mark you cut in, rub the skin off.


You’ll get just the fuzzy part. (The skin on a peach is much thinner than you think if you’ve only ever peeled them with a knife or peeler.) This works so well, you can even peel over-ripe peaches that have gone a bit soft. Ask me how I know.


And that’s it.