How To Peel An Apple

When did you learn the word “apple”? No, I can’t remember when I learned it either. But obviously I did.

I also can’t remember when I learned to peel an apple. I remember seeing my mother doing it when I was little, usually making Waldorf salad. (Man, she liked Waldorf salad.) So I never thought about not knowing how to do it.


This would take about three pages to describe something that takes about 30 seconds to show you. So I’ll show you.

Think you can do it faster? I’d love to see it. Drop a link in the comments.

Then you have to core it. (Do it in this order. If you slice it first and then peel it, it will take way longer.) You might have one of these apple corer and slicer tools somewhere in your kitchen. Mine is packed up somewhere down in the basement. I hate it. It only works of the apple is completely symmetrical, it takes a lot of pressure to cut, and cleaning it is a chore.

Cut it in quarters, then cut out the seeds.

Okay, I’ll show you that one, too.

And that’s it.