How To Make Crêpes — Part 2

Crêpes can be eaten on their own, but nobody does that. They always have some kind of topping on them, or filling in them. What lots of people don’t know is that they work just as well with savory fillings as with sweet and fruity ones.


1 batch of crêpes batter

Sweet / fruity

fresh berries (strawberry, blueberry, etc.)
heavy cream
powdered sugar


cooked chicken or turkey (or cold cuts)
Feta cheese
fresh spinach


Prepare the crêpes batter according to the directions in the previous post. Cook the first side and flip it over. While the first side is cooking, slice the banana. (Follow that link for a trick I picked up at Crêpes De Luxe.)

Cover half the crêpe with banana, then add some Nutella.

Two tips on Nutella. First, you can make your own, whether because you’ve got special dietary needs or you just don’t like prepared foods.

Second, the guys at Crêpes De Luxe keep a jar next to the billig, which means it’s nice and pourable. It might be possible to quickly warm it up to that point in the microwave, but I didn’t get the timing right. The consistency was similar to seized chocolate, but still tasted okay so I used it.

Anyway, once the bottom is cooked, fold it in half.

Hold on … maybe you don’t like just bananas and nutella. Go ahead and add some berries before folding the crêpe in half.

Add some powdered sugar.

And once you plate it, add some whipped cream.


Maybe you’re looking more for a lunch. Use cooked, diced chicken or turkey, or just a couple of slices of turkey breast cold cuts.

Add some feta (or other cheese) and spinach leaves.

Fold in half and cover with a lid so the cheese will melt a little quicker.

Cut in half and serve like a sandwich.

And that’s it.

Crap … now I’m hungry again.