How To Make Bread Crumbs

I would describe myself as frugal. Some people might prefer the term “cheap”. I’m okay with that. Especially when it leads to better food than if I had bought it pre-made.

When I was making the herbed croutons I had to cut the crust off the bread.

Some people (I’m looking at you, Kristin) would just give the crusts to their dog. But I’m cheap, remember? So I said to myself, “So, self, what can we do with these crusts? Oh I know, I’m going to need bread crumbs for the [MAIN COURSE].” No, I didn’t shout “main course” in brackets in my head. I’m being coy about the next recipe. Tee-hee.

So I ripped the crust into pieces that would fit in my mini food processor and gave them a good spin.

Once they had reduced a bit, I ripped some pieces a little smaller so I could add them to the other crumbs.

When the processor is nearly empty, it just tosses the pieces around without really chopping them. It has to be slightly full to really do a good chop.

It took me two batches to finish everything, and I still ended up with some slightly large chunks. (This bread has a very chewy crust.)

To separate the ones that need more processing, pick the bowl up and rap it several times with the heel of your other hand. The small crumbs will settle to the bottom, and the big ones float to the top.

Scoop the top layer back into the processor and give it another spin.

And that’s it.

I’ve got a much better picture of the finished product, but it’s in the middle of the other ingredients for the main course recipe that’s coming up. You’ll just have to come back and see it there.