How To Make Banana Boat S’mores


I love a campfires. I love cooking things over a campfire. I might even eat one toasted marshmallow. But not a s’more.

No, not because marshmallows are little puffs of artificial junk. (Which they are.) They’re just too messy. Seriously, look at my picture on the right side of the blog. I have facial hair. Do you have any idea how annoying it is to spend a night with melted marshmallow goo all around your mouth. Ecch.

But then, in one of the old cookbooks my wife found, there was this recipe for a “banana boat”. They’re crazy good for how easy they are to make.

(Before you go on, I need you to think about Chevy Chase in Caddyshack. Got it? Okay, now go on.)


chocolate bar (or chips)
mini marshmallows


Cut a wedge out of the banana, about one quarter of it, but leave the peel attached at the bottom end. (Click the picture for a close-up.)


Remove the little wedge of banana and fill the space with chocolate chips — or broken up pieces of a chocolate bar — and mini marshmallows.


Tell the kid next to you that he needs more marshmallows. If he doesn’t listen, just go ahead and add more for him.


Close the flap of peel over, and wrap the whole thing up in foil.

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Set the banana on the grill, or even right in the coals.




Do they look done?


Let’s check. This one is just a little melty.


This one is well-done.


Mmm … gooey and delicious.


And if you take it out of the foil and put it in a nice bowl, this could even make a nice inside dessert for grown-ups.


And that’s it.

Banana Boat S'mores

Banana Boat S'mores


  • banananananas
  • chocolate bar (or chips)
  • mini marshmallows


Cut a wedge out of a banana, leaving the peel attached at the bottom. Remove the wedge of banana and fill the space with bits of chocolate and mini marshmallows.

Close the flap and wrap the banana in foil. Place on the grill, directly on the coals, or in a hot oven for several minutes, until the chocolate and marshmallow are both melted.


  1. “No, not because marshmallows are little puffs of artificial junk. (Which they are.)”

    Drew, I challenge you to make your own marshmallows! They are no more artificial than divinity (although they are definitely not vegetarian, as they require gelatin) … and the homemade ones are heavenly. Oh yes, they will probably make a mess, but they’ll be worth it.

    I dislike s’mores. They’re too sweet for me and yes, they are brutally messy! But I love the idea of the banana boat version. Thanks!

    • Homemade marshmallows are a revelation. They’re totally worth the time, but I don’t recall much mess involved.
      They won’t keep forever like store-bought ones, so you’d better invite friends over for hot cocoa.
      Also good on graham crackers with peanut butter. Or on top of candied sweet potatoes.

  2. Catherine says:

    Used to make these a lot at summer camp and at barbecues. Really takes me back.

  3. I have complete faith that these will be delicious. We make your recipe for banana soft serve ice cream at least once a week and never tire of it. This one looks just as easy and just as yummy! I cracked up when I got to the picture where the kid tells the other kid to add more marshmallows and when he doesn’t listen, she adds them for him. That was pretty darn funny!

  4. Oh, yeah! My mom taught us how to make these when she was our Brownie Scout Leader. Then, when microwave ovens came out (yeah, I’m that old!) we figured out how to make them in the microwave and would have them for dessert on weekends. Yum!

  5. Growing up we used to make s’mores with thin mints. Take two frozen thin mints and put a toasty marshmallow between. Was always so tasty.

  6. Oh, Shanti, I am a thin mint fiend. I just might try that.

  7. Drew this is a GREAT idea, thank you for sharing! Linda S., I adore your mentioning of homemade marshmallows, that would be truly spectacular! I was shocked, frankly, to see nobody had mentioned sprinkling the tops of these with crushed graham crackers! In my book, you just cannot have S’Mores without the grahams! Ok, you can hehe. But I won’t! =P Love the brog Drew, after all these years lol. I’m still coming back for more!

  8. I. LOVE. BANANA BOATS. I love them so much, it required all caps.

    We used to make these every year when we went camping…only we added peanut butter, because in addition to just tasting freaking awesome, the extra stickiness helped you stuff more chocolate and marshmallow inside!


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