How To Grill Potatoes

Now that it’s grill season, it would be nice to have some more side dishes besides corn that you can do on the grill. Baked potatoes work, but they take forever. Okay, not quite, but they take a really long time. And they taste exactly like they would taste doing them in the stove.

But with a couple of minutes of prep work, you can grill them in the time it takes to do the chicken. (Ooh, is that foreshadowing again? Actually … no, not this time.) And they’ll have so much more flavor you won’t want to cover it up with butter and sour cream.


2-3 redskin potatoes per person
olive oil
salt & pepper


While the grill is warming up. clean the potatoes, then cut them all into bite-sized pieces.

Coat generously with olive oil. This isn’t just for flavor, this is going to keep them from sticking to the grill.

Add kosher salt and fresh ground black pepper, then toss the potatoes lightly to distribute the oil and seasonings.

Transfer the potatoes to the grill.

A couple of notes here. First, if you like grilled vegetables, or think you’d like to try, it’s definitely worth getting a grill topper. Non-stick sounds like a good idea, but it’s not. You can clean stainless steel with steel wool (Brillo pads) in a couple of minutes. Porcelain coated should work, too. That’s what the rack in your grill probably is.

Second, put the topper on the grill while it warms up. The veggies will brown up when they hit a hot surface. If it’s cold when you add the veggies, they’ll stick to it like crazy.

When the potatoes are brown on the first side, turn everything over using long-handled tongs. Work from one side to the other, making sure nothing is stuck.

If there was any olive oil left in the bowl when you transferred the potatoes to the grill, slowly pour it over them. Do it a bit at a time, as you could get some flare-ups. Turn the potatoes once or twice more, until they are browned all the way around.

Transfer to a serving bowl, and serve with the dipping sauces of your choice. Buttermilk ranch dressing is the obvious choice here. One you might not think of — I know I didn’t until someone recommended it in the comments — is horseradish. I used some of the horseradish sauce left from the Ox Roast. Surprisingly good. If I’d had any thousand island dressing left I’d have used that, too.

And that’s it.

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