How To Flour A Pan

Some bread recipes, and almost all cake recipes, tell you to grease and flour a pan. Some just say to flour a pan, but it means the same thing. It’s just coating the pan so that the baked goods don’t stick.

Usually they assume you already know how. If this is your first time, here it is, in two quick steps.

Rub a stick of butter around the inside of the pan until it is completely coated. Pay attention to the corners and edges, make sure you get them.

Add about a cup of all-purpose flour.

Tip the pan all around, tapping with your other hand, to make sure the flour sticks to all surfaces, then dump out the excess.

And that’s it.

This works better than any spray, and it’s all real food, too.

UPDATE: As a few people mentioned below, you can use cocoa powder instead of flour if you’re doing a chocolate cake.