Grill Season Suggestions

It’s getting close to grilling season here in Cleveland. Which means most of you have already been cooking out for a couple of months … but I’m not jealous.

So I figured it would be a good idea to put together some of the best cookout food I’ve done here.

Main course

Indoor kabobs.

Maybe you made plans, prepped everything, and you’re all set … and it rains. No reason to call out for pizza, just do it inside.

Grilled London Broil

Which is kind of a contradiction in terms, since “London broil” isn’t a cut but a method of cooking. Yeah, it’s confusing, but I explain it in there.

Onion burgers

Moist and flavorful, and super easy.

The perfect steak

It starts with the right cut, and it’s thinner than you thought.

BBQ pork spareribs

Oh my goodness these are good.

Sorghum glazed ribs

An excellent change of pace, if you can get it.

Rotisserie pork loin

Simply the best-tasting pork I’ve ever had.

Rotisserie turkey breast

Why wait for Thanksgiving when it tastes this good?

Rotisserie chicken

Yup, I’m loving the rotisserie, why do you ask?

Side dishes

Broccoli salad

I could live on this for a week.

Potato salad with bacon and egg

Another one that can be a meal in itself.

Macaroni salad

I think it’s actually a law in Ohio that you have to have this if you’re grilling burgers.

Tomatoes with olive oil and balsamic vinegar

This is best late in the season when the tomatoes are still warm from the vine in your garden.

Grilled asparagus

If you haven’t done it on the grill, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Grilled potatoes

Yes, you can do them on the grill. No, they don’t take forever.

Grilled corn on the cob

I said grilled, not burned. There’s a difference.

Deviled eggs

It’s not a picnic without them.


Peeling hard-boiled eggs

Can’t have the deviled eggs without peeling them.

Corn off the cob

Because sometimes your kid is missing her two front teeth.

Coring cabbage

You’ll need to do this if you’re making cole slaw. Wait … I haven’t done cole slaw on the blog yet? Stay tuned.

Coring lettuce

Whether it’s for salad or putting it on your burger, start this way.

Peeling cucumbers

Another treat from the garden that’s great all summer.

Home-made grill seasoning

Make some up now, and use it all summer.

Stainless steel vs. non-stick

Stainless wins.


The Kegmobile

The greatest thing to happen to beer since ice.

Frozen drinks

I don’t have the recipes in that post, but it’s so simple with the Ninja: ice + juice + liquor = win!


Peach cobbler

Okay, technically this has nothing to do with grilling. But you need something for desert, don’t you?