Deviled Eggs — Paprika Alternative


Deviled eggs are always the first thing to go at parties. But people keep trying to dress them up, make them “fancy” and “sophisticated”. Which usually means paprika on top. Ooh, exciting. :-/

I respect the classic simplicity of a good deviled egg recipe. But yeah, I’ll do the paprika too, just do they don’t look so boring.

Well, I used to do paprika. Not any more.

I had just made a couple of deviled eggs for me and Winnie. Then I looked at them.



Then I had a stroke of genius. A while back I got some finishing salts from The Meadow. I never figured out what to do with the Molokai Red. I asked Winnie if she wanted a little salt on her eggs. “Well duh!”

Fine, you put it on.


Color, a little crunch, and flavor, all at once.

Now I can save the paprika for chicken paprikash, where it belongs.

If you want to try them, I’ve got the the finishing salts in my store.


  1. the salt is pretty……..but i happen to like paprika :)

  2. Hi!
    I like to make deviled eggs with quacamole which results in “green” eggs ; ). I put a small cilantro leaf on top for accent. Tasty!

  3. I love most of your recipes. I even plan to make your popcorn balls this weekend BUT I am not happy with your deviled eggs. The filling looks too dry. It should be creamy not chunky. I do have a suggestion for dressing them up. My mother always tops them with a slice of stuffed olive. The round green and red olive slice contrasts nicely with the yellow and it adds a little zip to the eggs.

    • Preston,

      I usually go a little creamier, but I like them a bit “rustic”. If I’m doing a couple of dozen for a party, though, I’ll do them creamier so I can use a pastry bag to fill them. Much faster that way.

  4. I liked these first 3 comments and it got me thinking… deviled eggs are a carrier for just about anything! As I stand here looking in my frig, it occurs to me to make a variety of “topped” eggs… caper berriers, cross-sliced sweet gherkins, sliced small radishes, matchstick carrots and/or celery, tiny bits of bell pepper (red and green), sliced scallion (green and/or white part) and how about some jalapeƱo to go with the guacamole filled eggs! Oh, and I love horseradish mixed in my yolks along with vinegar and sugar, salt and pepper, mustard and mayo.

  5. I’m a “creamy deviled egg” person too, but maybe looks are deceptive. :)

    This looks like a great “hack.” I like paprika or a hot chile powder (powdered chipotle on deviled eggs is delicious, too), but I looove this idea too. And I’ve been on a paprikash bender — I’ve made it 3 times in the last 3 weeks, which for me is insane. Can’t wait to see what you do with paprikash, Drew; my last batch was overly elaborate (I added bacon and mushrooms and wine, and while it was very tasty, I think it lost something in the authentic-flavor department.)

  6. DILL!! I love dill in deviled eggs, as well as green onion.

  7. I like the idea of deviled eggs but absolutely hate mayo (and Miracle Whip), and thus, don’t like them. Anyone with good suggestions of what to do to make a mayo free version?

  8. Also, when I first saw the photo I thought that you put your homemade bacon bits on top. That sounds like it would be a great idea.

  9. Shanti, try sour cream and mustard instead of mayo and mustard.

    Or go with some of the alternative deviled egg recipes in the comments on my original. I especially like the idea of other kinds of mayo. You might find one you like. For instance the one made with lime instead of vinegar. Or made with melted bacon fat or olive oil instead of a mild oil.

    • I’ve had them made with lemony tahini, once, and dang, were they ever good. They were at a potluck and I never did get the recipe, but I bet some experimentation could do the trick…

  10. I like to spice my deviled eggs (we call them angel eggs though;) .. with finely minced celery, chives and a little horseradish, using homemade mayo, and paprika on top.

  11. Why does no one understand??? It’s not paprika you’re supposed to use, it’s CAYENNE! CAYENNE, people, that’s what puts the devil in deviled eggs.

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