Deviled Eggs — Paprika Alternative

Deviled eggs are always the first thing to go at parties. But people keep trying to dress them up, make them “fancy” and “sophisticated”. Which usually means paprika on top. Ooh, exciting. :-/

I respect the classic simplicity of a good deviled egg recipe. But yeah, I’ll do the paprika too, just do they don’t look so boring.

Well, I used to do paprika. Not any more.

I had just made a couple of deviled eggs for me and Winnie. Then I looked at them.



Then I had a stroke of genius. A while back I got some finishing salts from The Meadow. I never figured out what to do with the Molokai Red. I asked Winnie if she wanted a little salt on her eggs. “Well duh!”

Fine, you put it on.


Color, a little crunch, and flavor, all at once.

Now I can save the paprika for chicken paprikash, where it belongs.

If you want to try them, I’ve got the the finishing salts in my store.