Better Than Powdered, Easier Than Fresh

There’s nothing like fresh lemonade, made with fresh-squeezed lemons and simple syrup. But you can’t keep lemons in the fridge for weeks at a time. That doesn’t mean you should go with powdered instant lemonade or some nasty pre-made stuff loaded with corn syrup.

If your grocery store has a foreign/imported foods section, look for fruit syrups. They’re like a simple syrup but made with fruit instead of water. Prepared foods aren’t all evil. You just have to read the labels and, apparently, buy imports.

At first glance this looks like something you might find in the wine or liquor section.

But as you get closer you notice it’s not printed in English.

Except for the ingredients and nutrition label stuck on the back. I’ve highlighted the key part:

I love products with only two ingredients.

So add a bag of ice and a pitcher and you’re ready to go.

Fill the pitcher with ice.

Fill with water.

Add about a half-cup of syrup, mixing constantly.

Taste, and add more syrup if you need it. And that’s it.

This also makes a killer frozen drink. Other flavors include cherry, blueberry, orange, blackberry and more. If you see them, give them a try.