What’s the worst meal you’ve ever paid for?

Bad Food

I really should apologize for what I’m trying to do here. I want people to learn how easy it is to make great food at home. That’s good, right? Until you go out to your favorite restaurant, and realize … damn, this ain’t so special.

My bad, sorry about that.

This is most likely to happen if your favorite restaurant is one of the “casual dining” chain places, like T.G.I.Friday’s or Applebee’s. You’ll order the chicken parmesan, and about halfway through it you’ll realize, “This is a frozen pre-cooked patty, reheated and covered in canned sauce. This sucks.”

Congratulations, you’re now a good cook. Did I forget to mention that once you can cook you’re not going to be as impressed by restaurant fare any more?

The last two restaurants I’ve gone to were Italian places. One came highly recommended, the other was a place we had gotten pizza from years ago, but never dined in. And we’re not going back to either. The garlic bread was overcooked and had almost no garlic, the chicken was obviously frozen, and the sauce was bland. Bleaugh.

What’s your worst dining-out experience?

Was the food just plain bad? Did it not live up to the hype? Or was it the service that ruined it?

Leave a comment telling me about the worst meal you’ve ever paid for.