Too Much Bread, Not Enough Countertop

My wife has been working for years to perfect her Irish soda bread recipe. And every year we make more of it for more friends and family. This is what happens when you do 13 loaves of bread in 2 hours with not enough counter space.

So why do we do the mixing on the stove? Because this is all the counter space we’ve got.

What’s that? We should clean as we go? Yeah, check out the sink.

See how the spoon is half-buried in flour? That’s all the flour that’s not on the stove.

Oh, good news. As I’m writing this at 11:35 p.m. I’m finding out that we need to make more tomorrow because people ate it all before St. Paddy’s Day. Awesome.

That’s fine, as long as we keep one loaf to make French toast with. I’ll show that in a couple of days. Until then, go check out the recipe and make yourself a couple of loaves. Have one with your corned beef dinner, and keep one to make French toast the next day.