The Frugal Hostess on Greenwashing

You might remember The Frugal Hostess from her guest posts here. Today she’s got a great one on her site that you should go check out.

I love it for this paragraph, that sums up perfectly my feeling about lots of “green” products:

There are lots of products that started out as a bad idea, got green-washed, and remain a less-poisonous version of a still bad idea.  Most organic junk food fits into this category.  Sure, there aren’t any chemicals in that highly processed corn-cookie, but that doesn’t mean you should be eating organic high fructose corn syrup and free-range trans fat.

Go read the rest of it to see if she might have found a product that really is a greener alternative.


  1. Thanks, Drew!!!

  2. Gaythia says:

    With regards to the product described on the Frugal Hostess website, palm leaf plates:

    Presumably these are made from leaves collected from palm oil plantations, not by wandering about in the jungle.

    Things to consider:

    Palm oil plantations in South Asia are blamed for deforestation and wildlife loss (including orangutans) See:

    Are pesticides and herbicides used in the palm growing process?

    What chemicals are used in cleaning the leaves and bonding them together? (does “press” fully describe the process?)


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