How To Make Your Own Convenience Food


If you’re wondering how many entrées and sides I actually produced in that one day, there it is above. Eight entrées and four sides. Though I could easily have divided the sides into six packages. (We had leftovers from the first one I re-heated.)

And it didn’t take much longer than making a single meal from scratch. I’m definitely calling this experiment a success. So let’s see … rice with broccoli and cheese … mashed potatoes … ooh, roasted asparagus will work well … fettuccine Alfredo … Yeah, I’ve got lots of ideas to play with now.


  1. SoulMotor says:

    Reminds me of the boil bags we used to have as kids. Rather than nuking Salisbury steak, you’d put the bag in boiling water to heat it up.

    Oh, and thanks for the easy Captcha, I can actually read it!

  2. You must be close to the same age as me, because that’s exactly what I was remembering when I decided to try this. I’m actually looking for a good Salisbury steak and gravy recipe to do this way.

    Oh, and thank Google/Blogger for the Captcha. It’s all them.

  3. The only Salisbury Steak I’ve ever had was in a Swanson TV Dinner… There was something about the flavor that I really liked but I don’t know what it was nor have I been able to replicate it… So I can’t wait till you make this!

  4. Don't worry about expensive gigantic mixing bowls, just spend $3.00 on a dishpan from the Dollar store. They work fantastic for mixing up freezer meals. :)

    Oh, and my hubby loves it when I do 20 lbs of mashed potatoes. Add 1 brick of cream cheese for every 10 lbs of potatoes, add 1 egg for every 5 lbs of potatoes, little milk, little garlic powder, S&P, and you're good to go. They look horrid as they're re-heating, very runny, but they thicken up beautifully!

  5. B.Cool, I know exactly wheat you’re talking about. I’m afraid to find out that it was just a ton of salt and MSG, but it was a TV Dinner. I can’t imagine it was fresh herbs we were tasting.

    Lisa, Dude! (Can I call you Dude?) Dude, you rock! I’m stopping at the dollar store on the way back from the grocery store. How did you know I was going to do mashed potatoes? Are they runny when you first make them, or just re-heating from frozen?

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  7. Well I’ve certainly been called worse than “dude” that’s for sure! :)

    No, they’re actually pretty thick when you make them. And don’t freak out about the raw egg – and don’t tell anyone there’s egg in there, trust me as I speak from experience. But when you thaw them or in the re-heating process they will get runny, nasty looking and you will curse me loudly! But trust me, keep re-heating and stir them together once in a while. You will fantabulous potatoes in the end! :)

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