How To make A Pomegranate Highball


You probably shouldn’t drink. Lots of religions prohibit it … It’s bad for your liver … It makes you stupid … But hey, if you’re going to do it anyway, might as well drink something tasty.

Today is my take on the pomegranatini. I don’t like martinis, or gin, and don’t have any martini glasses. So this really isn’t very much like a martini at all. It’s a highball.

(Full disclosure: POM Wonderful sent me a couple of bottles of juice to try. They hoped I would publish a review, of which today is part 2, but they have no editorial control over what I write.)


equal parts

crushed ice


Fill a highball class with crushed ice. If you don’t have a crushed ice dispenser on your fridge, put some ice in a heavy zip-top bag and whack it with a pan or a meat mallet. (Did I just give directions for making crushed ice? Wow, it seems I just can’t stop myself.)

Add a shot each of pomegranate, simple syrup and vodka.

Give it a good stir and enjoy.

And that’s it. Happy Friday.


  1. How about just a Pomegranate and simple sugar drink? Hummmm…., I’ll have to try that.

    Never had a ‘drink’, just a swallow of beer when I was a lot younger, and hated it, so I don’t think I’ll be starting now.

  2. Kristin @ Going Country says:

    It makes you stupid? Funny, I always feel incredibly clever after a couple of drinks . . .

  3. Sweet Mademoiselle says:

    I’m SOOOOOOO having this tonight….
    Been the week from he**


  4. Hey, drinking doesn’t make you stupid. Drinking like an idiot makes you stupid. Heh. Seriously though, that sounds tasty, I’ll have to give it a shot.

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  6. Queenie says:

    Drew, that sounds delicious! I can’t wait to sip one or three of those by the pool this summer 😉

    Also, plain seltzer, splash of POM, dash of simple syrup over ice sounds refreshing if you don’t drink alcohol.

  7. Linda, make sure you use plenty of ice and/or seltzer. Otherwise it will be too strong.

    Kristin, yes, I’m sure you feel quite clever …

    Sweet Mademoiselle, if it’s been that kind of week you might need several.

    Bob, by the time you’re one drink from stupid, you’re one drink past self-awareness.

    Vincent, I tried the link but it’s not working for me. Sorry.

    Queenie, make sure you put a little umbrella in it.

  8. Stephanie says:

    Heck I don’t think I’d need the simple sugar. But then I’m the weird one who can take my pom juice straight. :)

  9. Sweet Bird says:

    I agree with Kristin – I had three glasses of wine today (which is 2 1/2 over my limit) and I feel like I should apply to Mensa…

  10. Stephanie, more syrup for me.

    Sweet Bird, you really “feel” that way, huh? Now I’m hearing B.J. Thomas in my head … “Hooked on a feelin’ … I’m high on believin’ …” Great, I’m gonna be hearing that in my head all … freaking … day.

  11. onlinepastrychef says:

    Okay, so now I understand how to make crushed ice, but how do I just make regular old ice? 😉

    Sounds yummy–I am a fan of the pomegranate, and a little good vodka is never a bad thing!

  12. Jenni, I think I know what I’m posting next April Fool’s Day.

  13. onlinepastrychef says:

    Oh, and thanks for passing along the BJ Thomas reference. You won’t be the only one “hooked on the feeling that you’re in love with me-ee” today!

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