How To Make Lemon Glaze

This glaze is super-simple, and really delicious. I think I’ll be using it on chocolate bundt cake, donuts, poundcake, maybe even fresh berries.


1 cup powdered sugar (plus a little, see below)
juice of 1/2 small lemon
2-3 tablespoons water


The basic idea of a glaze is to melt powdered sugar with just enough water to make it pourable. The lemon adds just a touch of tart to the sweetness. You could also use a bit of orange juice.

Hold the lemon half with the cut side up, so you don’t get the seeds in the pan while you squeeze it.

Add the sugar and just enough water to dissolve all the sugar. It doesn’t take much, only a few tablespoons.

Stir over medium-low heat until smooth. You don’t want to caramelize the sugar, just melt it.

At this point I realized I didn’t have enough glaze for what I was making, so added about another 1/3 cup of sugar.

You can get away with adding more sugar a little at a time and it will keep melting. But the more sugar you add without adding more liquid, the faster it will solidify when you remove it from heat. Be prepared to work fast once it’s ready.

I’ll be back tomorrow with what I used this on. I wanted to write this up by itself, since I’ll be making this glaze again and again and I’m going to want to point back to it.