A Great Find

I love it when people don’t know what they’ve got. Or at least they don’t value it the same way I do. Take this little sauce pan for example.

Nothing spectacular, right? The handle looks a little grungy, but the sides screw on so I can disassemble and clean it.

Nice multiple-point riveted construction.

And you can’t beat the price.

But what’s that toward the bottom of those last two pictures. It looks like another kind of metal. Really dirty and nasty but … could it be? For three bucks?

Yup, copper clad stainless steel. I found this exact pan on eBay for about 10 bucks, plus another 8-and-change for shipping. I’ve already used it and it’s great for sauces. I’m going back to the thrift store next Monday. They’re having a 50% off sale. Cool.