Fast Food Fact and Fiction

Picture by Bob B. Brown

When food looks better, it tastes better. True story. So making food look really good in commercials is big business.

Then there’s what you get when you actually buy it.

Almost enough to make you want to cook for yourself, isn’t it?

That’s why all summer I’m going to be producing home versions of restaurant favorites. Should be fun.


  1. This will be great – I’m looking forward to these recipes!

    • If there’s anything in particular you’d like to see a home version of, let me know. Of course I can only promise to do things that I like, too. Some people have the skill of making things they don’t like for other people, but I don’t.

  2. KaCee Kemper says:

    Thanks for this! So true! Very funny that people fall for it every time!

  3. Oh I been stopped buying food off the commercials. It looks unless you are dining in it looks awful. And even when you dine in it still looks worse than what’s pictured, but it beats take out or fast food!….. Anywho I know you said fast food recipes but can chain restaurants count cause if so I’d like to make a homemade version of the lemon cake at olive garden and the shrimp tampica (i think that’s how it’s spelled) from taco cabana. It’s pretty much like a under seasoned shrimp soft taco

  4. Hi i like recipe of you

  5. The Jamocha shake & roast beef sandwich at Arby’s. Oh! Their potato cakes too!!!

  6. Oh my! Looking forward to your recipes. I haven’t gone to one of those places in many years.

  7. Marinus Hoogendoorn says:

    I have worked for ten years as product development chef for a food processing company. I know quite well how these fast food guys do it. It’s all a marketing game, nothing much to do with food also, just addictive additives.
    Your pictures in the video are the key, people are perceptive to the ad picture and believe that the food is as good as shown in the picture. Your produce looks less appetizing, and is therefore not good in peoples mind. Hope you get a good number of followers willing to try your recipes, because they are sure 10x healthier than the so called “real stuff”.

  8. That is why I don’t eat fast food. Not only that the meals look disgusting in reality, but they contain a lot of harmful ingredients and lead to numerous health problems. People should cook and eat at home slowly. Cooking on your own is the best way to be sure what’s in your meal. I also recommend that people start growing what they can on their own, too. Some vegetables can be planted and grown in pots, even indoors, so don’t hesitate folks. This is the only way to beat the vicious food industry with its junk food. Cook at home, grow at home, and eat healthy. ALWAYS.

    Regards, John Atkinson.

  9. This is a hard one: McDonalds McRib sandwich… gurgle gurgle drool

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