Classic Kids’ Thanksgiving Feast

It’s taken years of practice, but I finally thought I was ready to do the full classic Thanksgiving feast for the girls. It turned out not to be as hard as I was expecting.


popcorn salt
white bread
jelly beans


The popcorn

Scoop one capful of popcorn kernels into the hot air popper.

Put the lid on and plug it in. While that starts, put a half-stick of butter in a cup and microwave it on high for about 30 seconds.

When the popcorn is about halfway popped, turn the bowl around so it doesn’t all pile up on one side and overflow.

Once everything is popped, unplug the popper and get the melted butter from the microwave. Pour it evenly over the popcorn. It’s easier to pour the butter steadily while you rotate the bowl.

Then use popcorn salt instead of regular table salt. It’s ground much finer and sticks to the popcorn better. Sprinkle from at least a foot above the bowl so it has time to spread out evenly.

The toast

Place two pieces of white bread in your toaster or toaster oven and toast until golden brown.

When the toast is done, immediately put a couple of thin pats of butter on each slice while the bread is still warm. Let the butter soften for 30 seconds, then spread with the knife perpendicular to the bread. If you hold the knife flat against the bread and the butter isn’t completely softened the bread will tear.

The presentation

Serve the toast on your finest china with popcorn, pretzels and jellybeans.

Seat your guests so they can’t see what you’re preparing.

Until you want them to.

And if they’ve just watched the right holiday special on TV, they’ll recognize the menu.

Do you?