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Well, THAT’LL learn me!


Today is a guest post from Andrew, who contributed a couple of sections to my second book, Starting From Scratch. You can see a ton of Andrew’s stuff at his site, Clove Garden. If you ever have a question about specific ingredients, go check out his ridiculously thorough (or is that “thoroughly ridiculous”?) ingredients section.

Take it away, Andrew.

I wanted to do a recipe today that included stuff I didn’t have on hand. Mascarpone, Parmesan soft enough to shave, and some Hazelnuts. So off to Trader Joe’s.

What? Trader doesn’t have hazelnuts? Damn.

So I was thinking, “I don’t really want to go all the way over the hill to Sunland Produce for just a little bag of hazelnuts”.

Now I do not buy food at supermarket chains, just toothpaste, shampoo, paper towels and paper napkins — that’s all, but I decided, “Well, maybe I’ll pay a little more there but save the trip”.

So I walked across the street to Vons (Safeway). Yes, they had small bags of “Premium” (whatever that means) Hazelnuts . . . . for . . . . $11.99 per bag!

So I took my $11.99 over the hill to Sunland Produce. Came back with a bag of hazelnuts, a bag of chestnuts, 2½ pounds of grape tomatoes and two bottles of Jerry Water (aka Gerolsteiner). Out of the $11.99 that left $1.50 to pay for the gas.

Supermarkets are insane!

Want more like this? For more recipes like this, that you can hold right in your hands, and write on, take notes, tear pages out if you want (Gosh, you're tough on books, aren't you?) you might be interested in How To Cook Like Your Grandmother, 2nd edition, Illustrated. Or to learn your way around the kitchen, check out Starting From Scratch: The Owner's Manual for Your Kitchen.

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